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Portable disinfector Disinfector for a vehicle
TH-130A BF-150
TH-150A BF-200

Portable disinfector of smoke in a short time period of the ultra-fine particles in the atmosphere, smoke drugs effectively control the spread by equipment are required for operation. Density of the smoke of the building, forest and swamp, and not easily accessible places such as insecticidal, bactericidal action is possible "Direct control of a wide area as possible in urban areas and rural areas, insect pest control, disinfection and sterilization operations Swine Barn utilization Is high."

Product Specifications
Product names Fuel Tank Capacity Pharmaceutical tank Capacity Fuel Consumption medicine Injection Length Weight Remark
TH-130A 1.2 ℓ 4.5 ℓ 1.2 ℓ/H 35 ℓ/H 112 Cm 8.5 Kg Disinfection effect of smoke particles is sprayed as a good pick, horizontally and vertically, can be disinfected.
BF-150 1.8 ℓ 8 ℓ 1.5 ℓ/H 40 ℓ/H 130 Cm 9 Kg
TH-150A 1.2 ℓ 6.5 ℓ 1.35 ℓ/H 45 ℓ/H 129 Cm 10.8 Kg
BF-200 1.8 ℓ 8 ℓ 1.8 ℓ/H 50 ℓ/H 135 Cm 10 Kg

Start (Operation) Method:
  • Put gasoline in the tanks.
    Pharmaceutical barrel oil and the degree of smoke mixed with chemicals put around 20:01.
  • Go with the ignition switch to start.
  • If you wait to start to open the valve smoke drugs will work.
    . Is an oversupply of fuel tanks to knock on when symptoms start-stop valve with one hand and a click,
      hear the engine ignition switch slightly "" Boom, "" several times until the press. "
    . Starting from the stop valve to release the ignition switch once and then start up until the press.
  • Maintenance of the equipment was used or when you want to replenish fuel and pharmaceutical equipment, please cooled.
  • When would supply the drug must be mixed according to the equivalent remarks please do so.
  • When you are dealing with toxic chemicals must wear protective clothing and simple, please.
  • When you enter into the interior completely finished, please go after ventilation.
  • Before operation, please check the status of the equipment.
  • Do not lay it down next to the machine.
  • Where there is fire and smoke, do not work.
  • Never close the deal in firearms and do not fuel.
  • Pharmaceutical fuel in the tank [gasoline] Do not put.
  • Often you need to recharge the battery.
  • The internal temperature of the heated equipment is more than 1,000 ℃ during operation within 2 ~ 3m note the approach of life. [Shut down after about 10 minutes Please note do not touch the body.]