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Manufactured by SM BURE CO.,LTD


  • Extensive space care in a short time is possible with innovative Ultra Low Volume particcle.
  • Effectiveness for FMD/AIV and infectious pathogen.
  • Powerful Siroco fan with 20 spraying nozzles enable to spray Ultra Low Volume for landscape and street trees.
  • Convenient wireless remote control(Engine Start/Stop, Spray On/Off).
  • Control spraying volume by detaching nozzles.
  • Spray angle Up/Down 74 degree, Left/Right 115 degree.
  • Nozzle Working automatically(Up/Down, Left/Right)
    (Total Six automatic modes)
  • Centre of Alone Nozzle enables to spray the place where you want more far and high.
  • Fogging and smoking spray enable to combine with SMFOG-500.

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Category AIR-FOG 2
Main body Weight 215KG(474Lb)
Size(W*D*H) 1500mm * 780mm * 1167mm(4.92ft * 2.56ft * 3.83ft)
Operation Method Wireless Remote Control
Engine Engine power / Fuel used 13.5Hp / Gasoline(I/C Engine)
Power Sprayer Model Name HCS - 80K
SIZE(W*D*H) / Weight 440mm * 310mm * 410mm(1.45ft * 1.017ft * 1.345ft) / 25.5kg(56.21Lb)
HP takes Watering 3Hp
Battery 12V / 40A
Electronic Clutch Use
High-pressure hose 150kg/cm²(2,133.5Psi), ID 10.0mm(0.393"), Hi Pressor L=50MT(164ft)
Air blower FAN-TYPE / Rated Power SIROCCO FAN / 3HP
Participle Rotation angle Up, Low Up, Low : 74°
Left and Right Left and Right : 115°
Automatic Rotation Up, Low Auto Auto1:(Up:37°, Low:37°)/Auto2:(Up:37°, Low:0°)/Auto3:(Up:0°, Low:37°)
Left and Right Auto Auto1:(Left:57.5°, Right:57.5°)/Auto2:(Left:0°, Right:57.5°)/Auto3:(Left:57.5°, Right:0°)
Participle range 30MT(98.43ft)
Particle size 10 - 100㎛
Participle Amoun Gun spray 1,500L ~ 3,000L / hr(396.25gal ~ 792.52gal / hr)
Fine spray 75L ~ 1,400L / hr(19.81gal ~ 369.84gal / hr)
Spray-Nozzle / Spray-Gun 20ea(Close Nozzle Cap Supply:10Ea) / Use