Cordless ULV Fogger BURE W2/W2H

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Manufactured by SM BURE CO.,LTD


  • Battery charge way
  • Stainless body and luxurious appearance
  • Extended working time by using lithium-ion battery
  • Prevent water flow back to machine by forcing pump
  • Minimize chemical in tank by forcing pump
  • Control chemical volume(Pump motor output control)

Model Category Rationg Spray distance Particle size Chemical Tank
Weight Charger time
BURE W2 DC12V 5A 3~6MT 30~100μ 3.2Lt 160*515*260 4.1KG 3hours
BURE W2H DC14.8V 5A 3~7MT 10~100μ 3.2Lt 160*515*260 4.3KG 3hours